Drying out Float Bowl

So the Urban express has risen, and it is awesome. Today I took it for a ride down to the local malt shop 6 miles or so away, rollin though a couple hills and what not. I noticed something after rolling above 3/4 or so throttle for a while-

It seems like I'm totally draining my carb of gas. It runs awesome, and is not 4 stroking. It just cuts out after a while near WOT, just like the fuel line cant replenish the bowl fast enough.

My question is- I know this is feasible especially with stock petcock and fuel line- but what can I do? And does this sound like fuel starvation?

I plan on taking apart the petcock assembly, cleaning it for max fuel throughput, and checking the fuel screen, maybe replacing the fuel line with something larger inner diameter. What do you guys think?

Re: Drying out Float Bowl

is the carb clean? the float needle clean and not sticky? is the petcock clean? it sounds like fuel starvation. just clean everything as much as you can. you can test fuel flow my unscrewing the overflow screw on the bottom the carb til fuel comes out, if it keeps flowing, starvation isnt your problem.

Re: Drying out Float Bowl

Good call. Sadly my phbg is new and has a plastic bowl with no overflow screw on the bowl. Looks like it may be time to pick up a new bowl. Thx for the tip, I'll give it all a nice clean

Re: Drying out Float Bowl

Oh YA! An opportunity for me to justify a clear float bowl! BUY BUY BUY!

Re: Drying out Float Bowl

make sure the gas cap vents aren't plugged, mine gave me similar problem when i put too much gas in the tank, must have sloshed around and plugged em up with old rusty dirt. and you might want to clean out the tank while your taking things apart.

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