I need to get some new tires and tubes for my Hobbit. I found the tires I want, 2.25 front 2.50 rear, but I'm having a hard time finding the tubes at a decent price. Best deal I have found so far is 7.xx for both tubes but $24 shipping! That's out of this world. Now would I be able to just get some tubes from a local bike shop? Would normal bicycle tires work for the moped? Does anybody have a good source for moped tubes?

And would I have to get tubes that are labeled as 2.25 and 2.50 or would I have to get 2.00 and 2.25 tubes to fit my tires? I just don't know if they are labeled for their actual size or for the tire they will fit.

Also, I have never taken the wheel (especially the rear wheel) off of my Hobbit....and frankly I'm afraid to. I'm just going to dive into it either tomorrow or Friday at the latest and I was wondering if anybody had any tips or tricks about these wheels, taking them off and putting new tires on the rims.

Thanks for any help!


Re: Tires/Tubes

don't know about hobbits, but i just put some new savas on my puch. getting the old ones off is a pain. i broke a pair of tire spoons and had to resort to screwdrivers. that tube thing should be ok.

Re: Tires/Tubes

oh yeah they are labeled for the tire they match up with...2 1/4 tire gets a 2 1/4 tube. remember when removing or installing, put one lip of the tire in or out at a time. and squeeze it into the center of the wheel it's smaller in the middle so you have more room to remove or install. be ready for some pushing and pulling, busted up fingertips and such, sometimes it's pretty annoying.

Re: Tires/Tubes

Hey David,

This video helped walk me threw the tire change process, I know this guys bike is different than yours, but the basic process is pretty simular on any moped. Check it out I think it might help.



Re: Tires/Tubes

go to the nearest motorcycle shop for the tubes and use the back ends of adjustable wrenchs as tire irons

Re: Tires/Tubes

I do "the bicycle trick", of putting air in the tube (not a lot, just enough to round it) put the partially inflated tube in the tire, then install the unit (tire and tube as one, starting at the valve stem) pushing one side on, centering it as I go, and maybe using a bit of dish soap if the bead is too tight. The second side will be hard if you have too much air in the tube (you can let it out as required). This way you don't pinch the tube. Use your thumbs only, you should not have to lever the tire on (if you do you are doing something wrong). Do not forget to check the rubber spoke nipple cover, if rotten/loose it will need replacing (I have used black electricians tape in a pinch, but do yourself a favor and use the proper stuff).

I just bought two tires and tubes, and the damm tubes were thicker than the tire sidewalls (or seemed to be) kinda takes the skill out of the thing, you would have to work at puncturing one, and I don't think pinching it with a pair of vise grips would affect it. (just an old fella grumble)

Re: Tires/Tubes

Just posted a video on how to change a tire a week or two ago. Also, another one for wheel lacing tips.

Search You Tube for: Routabit to view these and all of my other videos.

Re: Tires/Tubes

Don't use bicycle tubes., , etc there are a dozen motorcycle sites that will have tubes from $5-10 each and shipping shouldn't be more than $10.

Re: Tires/Tubes

Well I ordered the tires this morning....they should be here middle of next week. After watching the videos I defiantly don't think it will be as hard as I imagined. hopefully next weekend I'll be able to ride it again.

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