piston skirt trimming?

my piston skirt is slightly hitting the case is it fine to grind down just a smidgit?

Re: piston skirt trimming?

Jason Luther /

yes, but why is it hitting the case, is your wristpin bearing worn out?

Re: piston skirt trimming?

naw its just hitting a tiny tiny bit the bearings are brand new thanks man off to work.

Re: piston skirt trimming?

Why not trim the case? I was just told to trim the little lip off the inside of my case when I had the same problem a couple of days ago. I took a clean rag, spread some clean grease on it, and stuffed it in the case to catch any shavings. 3 minutes later, with my trusty Dremel, everything's cleaned up. You can even do a little porting while your in there.

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