Want to try a new carb...maybe

So ive got pretty familiar with my bings, and im curious about stepping it up when i get a kit. Im probably gonna get the treats kstar 70cc kit, and people have told me my bing 14mm will work fine with it. But obviously a better carb will make it, well, better.

But i dont have any experience with other carbs. Are Phgb carbs hard to get the hang of, with all the jets and tuning options and such? Does the idea of 3 jets just sound more intimidating than it is? How about the SHA carbs, treats has a pretty nice looking 16.16 SHA with an intake for $95. How different/hard is an SHA to get to know?

So should i stick with the 14mm bing?

Go 16.16 SHA? (will that even be a big upgrade)

Go straight for the Phgb?

Thanks peeps

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Re: Want to try a new carb...maybe

Minkuni VM20.


Main jet cake to change needle adjustment easy. There are more and more people running these so basic tuning sets will come out soon, but honestly they run really strong with little to no tuning. I changed the main jet, didn't have enough time to finish tuning it before a rally and it still raped, had a great power band. Not finicky like the PBHG, and much more tune-able than the SHA one jet for your entire throttle range isn't as much fun as you would think.

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You debate this an awful lot :P

Try the 14...You already have it so why not? When you get power hungry skip the SHA and go for the PHGB or a Mikuni. Those will give you way more juice at pretty much the same price.

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i know bukwheat, thats cause everyone i ask gives me a different answer haha. Guess its more a game of experimentation and learning for yourself eh

Re: Want to try a new carb...maybe

But everytime i do search for more info i learn stuff...like that Minkuni listed above..never even heard of that one yet

Re: Want to try a new carb...maybe

go for the phbg man. you'll be glad you did. however. bings are great for their simplicity, phbgs are mad complicated. a phbg requires a phd in carburetor theory. and those idle jets cost like six bucks. but once you get it set up right, it's blasting time fo realsies.

Re: Want to try a new carb...maybe

19mm phbg is the shit on this kit.

Re: Want to try a new carb...maybe

Although there is a science to it, most of what you hear on this site is opinions or preferences. Justin Campbell (JCams) has perfected the use of Mikuni's with great results. At this point I would take a VM18 or 20 over any Del if I was looking for raw power and ease of tune-ability.

If you wanted to spend a few bucks extra I'm sure he could hook you up with a custom intake and Mikuni for the Magnum. There's a running thread as we speak for his Tomos setups. Just email him...

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