speed boosting

i just bought a puch magnum and id like to get it fatser without increasing the engine size, but i dont really know where to start. any one have some advice or ideas?

Re: speed boosting

Rob @t ATTN! Burrito /

hit the gym.

Re: speed boosting


Magnums are a little trickier though, because they have an angled exhaust port. This means that most Puch pipes won't fit right unless you hack and re-weld them. If you wanted to get around that without changing the displacement, you could get a 50cc kit from treats -- this has a flat exhaust port, and all the common popular pipes (Boss, Bullet, Proma GP, Estoril, Circuit, etc) will fit properly. There have been a couple threads about this in the performance forum -- you should go there and search and see what else you can find.

Re: speed boosting

And by go there and search" I mean search here... I'm not really awake yet...

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