Gearing brain fart!!!

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so i understand the four situations with gearing but i was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on what would happen if you increased the size on both gears...bigger back and front sprockets. would it just be a heavier load on the gear box?

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Re: Gearing brain fart!!!

count each tooth as a percentage... the smaller the gear, the bigger the percentage. of you add a tooth to a 3 gear cog (i know, impossible, just an example)... you are adding 25% surface area. if you add a tooth to a 9 tooth sprocket, you are adding 10% surface area. say you are running 3-9... you would end up running a lower ratio if you added a tooth on front and rear cogs. kinda buzzed off martinis right now, so its hard to go in depth, but thats the basic concept i leard from my peewee motocross days.

Re: Gearing brain fart!!!

in other words, less of a load, you might gain a LITTLE top end, you probably wouldnt notice. it would, i theory, be easier on your gearbox than your current setup.

Re: Gearing brain fart!!!

The more teeth on both cogs, the less force on the cogs because you deliver the load over a larger number of teeth thus over a larger surface area.

I don't know if it has any effect on your internal gears. I suspect not, as the total force stays the same.

Do take in effect that you need more chain + more cog material = more weight to bring up to speed. Altho those differences are minimal I guess.

Re: Gearing brain fart!!!

Dividing the front and rear teeth only give you a rough estimate. If you want to do it that way you need to divide the diameters of the two gears.

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