A55 bogging?

so i have a A55 on my streetmate obviously. my question is, i have a number 65 jet, and a biturbo. i was seeing if i would see any performance by taking the stock air box off and run it without an air box. when it hits second gear and i give it gas it bogs down and wont go faster than 20 mph. but does fine with the air box.

i figured since the stock airbox is restrictive it creates more suction on the fuel. so i adjusted my needle since its sucking more fuel in with the air box on to see if i can go faster. dont know if any of you had this problem or something similar before. thanks

im looking for a 19mm carb that i can tune with low speed and high speed needle jets. i HATE JETTING.

Re: A55 bogging?

thats a pretty high numbered jet, i have a tomos sprint, which is a55, and i have a biturbo, uni air filter and im running a 58 jet.

Re: A55 bogging?

yea i know it is. so thats why i dropped the needle in the carb all the way down. my dad was saying a 65jet is for like a 70cc kit. my moped still runs like shit though.... i milled a E50 head down for higher compression and that helped a bit but im gonna look into buying a 70cc kit from treats and ill be set.

Re: A55 bogging?

bump. i need to know thanks

Re: A55 bogging?

Conrad Conrad /

I'd say down jet. What does your plug look like?

A 19mm probably isn't a good idea if you hate jetting.

Re: A55 bogging?

i dont know anything about jets and any of that stuff, i have an a55 i cut the stock exhaust, and have a 22 im going 40 easy. even on a minor downhill im able to hit the cdi, even with two people 40 just takes a little longer.

with the stock air fillter where it meets your carb open it up more, like grind the hole. i thought with a kit youd have to make all this custom stuff and spend wayy to much money. but im a cheapie

Re: A55 bogging?

HAHAHA 15 from nj....what ev lol but any way dude...dont be stupid put the air box back on so u dont get shit inside ur carb .....

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