Treats Super Super Clutch Tuning

Hey guys,

So a while back I got that crazy $100 super super clutch from Treats. It is definitely high quality and meant for super bikes.

Im running a gila kit.

Only problem I been having is the clutch engaging WAYY too early thus making my low end total shit.

I have the stock springs turned in nearly all the way and it still doesn't help much.

I was thinking about switching to Blue Springs.

Do you think these will help? Are they muchs stiffer then the stock super super clutch springs?

Re: Treats Super Super Clutch Tuning

Re: Treats Super Super Clutch Tuning

i believe you may remove material from each clutch arm with a drill and a digital kitchen scale. less weight to throw around. later engage.

Re: Treats Super Super Clutch Tuning

thanks for the advice. If the blue springs don't help, I'll play around with that idea. This thing is BEEFY. jesus christ.

Re: Treats Super Super Clutch Tuning

blue spring will do the trick

Re: Treats Super Super Clutch Tuning

yeah just needed a second opinion.

Im just not sure if the blue springs are significantly stiffer then what comes in the super super clutch stock.

Re: Treats Super Super Clutch Tuning

Lil advice: don't start hackin at your clutch arms unless you know what you're doing. You could take off material in the wrong place on the arm and ruin the clutch. I've done it.

Re: Treats Super Super Clutch Tuning

also consider performance transmission oil that doesn't change viscosity when the motor heats up, once you get to the fine tuning - those stock super clutch springs are really tight but it's probably worth it to try blue/orange springs - removing material from the super clutch is definitely harder than the cheapo three shoe

Re: Treats Super Super Clutch Tuning

Do you have the early one that has the extra piece of metal... kinda like a extra layer... on the end of the shoes? I think it was called the "Super Super"

I had to mill that extra layer off and add some holes to the shoes plus I used Paz springs to get it to engage the way I wanted it to.

I have my shoes at about 74 grams with my Gila and the springs 1 & 1/4 turns out.

Re: Treats Super Super Clutch Tuning

yeah I believe I got one of the first batch ones. Bought it the first day treats got them in.

To carlh - already using MOTUL TRANSOIL. love it.

I am considering on just buying a cheapo 3 shoe off treats and call it a day. The super super clutch is nice but damn, what a bitch to tune.

Re: Treats Super Super Clutch Tuning

i have tryed all 3 of the clutchs and still have not been abale to get it to hold like my 2 shoe so leet me know it you get it to work

Re: Treats Super Super Clutch Tuning

My cheapo clutch with Paz springs worked great... for a while.

I pulled it out to adj the springs after a month of riding and one shoe pad was mostly missing... just crumbled away and the second one was starting to fall off.

Thats when I started working with my Treats Super (also very first one)

I am very happy with it once I finally got it tuned.

Re: Treats Super Super Clutch Tuning

thanks for the input guys. really appreciate it.

yeah, I am just afraid the insane power of the gila will destory the cheapo 3 shoe in no time. Especially consider how I like to have lotsa slip to get into my pipes powerband.

Re: Treats Super Super Clutch Tuning

I had the same problem with the super super and sucky low end.

A couple of us take the super shoes and move them over to two shoe backplates. You knock off the extra plate and re-locate the dowel pin. Shifts like a two shoe but less slipping because of the material and lasts longer as well. The best setting is blue or orange springs two full turns out from center

Another option as well. I still running one I put in 8 months ago and it still looks and feels like new.

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