Clutch assembly on the rito crank

Everything is fitting on alright, unlike the dmp, but the clutch bell does not move very freely. I can spin it, but it moves with the crank as soon as i start turning the crank. Is this something that is common/ will work itself out once movement and oil are happening?

Or, if one of the shims needs sanding, is there a process for that involving just me/not a machine shop.

Thanks guys.

Re: Clutch assembly on the rito crank

You definetly need to sand down the shims a bit or your clutch bell will force the snap ring to pop off when you try to run it. Harbor frieght tools sells a diamond knike sharpener block that is perfectly flat that works great for sanding those or you can try emery cloth on glass. Whatever you do just make sure its a flat surface and sand a little at a time off both shims.

Re: Clutch assembly on the rito crank

birdsy —— /


thanks. diamond knife sharpening block sounds great

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