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I just put a boss tecno on my puch maxi and have a dellorto 15 mm with the stock air filter no cover. I had a 68 jet in the carb with stock exhaust and it ran good. I tried the pipe and it won't start then tried a seventy jet. still no dice. I need to buy more jets. I have a 69 what way should I try going? thanks

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I have a high flow filter & a 72 on my 15 with the boss.

Its on a kstar 70, & alittle lean.

So perhaps 69-72 is good for you.

Re: jet help boss tecno

You should be going up from 68 ("upjetting"). Are you choking it when you try to start it? And have you checked for air leaks?

Re: jet help boss tecno

up is what I figured. I'm gonna try to open the 70 up with a torch tip cleaner and I think it may need some grinding on the pipe flange. thanks

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I'm running the Kstar 50cc with 15mm dellorto & 70 jet. 72 jet and I four stroke a bit. I had the techno boss pipe on there but just switch to a biturbo. hitting 45+

You might be restricting too much air with the stock dellorto filter. Remove it and see if it'll start. I too run the stock filter, but I removed most of the screens from it.

Re: jet help boss tecno

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Upjet jessu! fuckin g c!1

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