air leak? no idle.. weird

tomos alukit on e50

1515 del SHA

drilled out intake to 14ish

Polini pipe

50cc highcomp


70 main

idle screw all the way in

so i had boyesen reeds but fucked them up by installing them incorrectly.

so while waiting for my new malossi reeds i threw the old stockers back in.

but for some reason its really hard to start and when it does it wont idle.

when i let off the throttle the revs will fall reall low and when i open the throttle to catch it from dieing, it just dies.

im confused.


i just painted shit with rattle can and im pretty sure i dont have an air leak so i havent checked.

def have good spark

searched a little but no one had the whole open the throttle and it dies thing goin on.

Re: air leak? no idle.. weird


Re: air leak? no idle.. weird

ill take that as "you have an air leak!"

Re: air leak? no idle.. weird

took the reeds off and the rubber sealant (dont know if it came stock) was all bubbly and wasnt making a seal.

so i put some high temp red silicone gasket maker on and spread it with a credit card. hopefully itll hold up for the next week or so till my reeds come.

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