Derbi piston port Parmakit

Anyone running this kit? What carb & intake are you using?

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Word on the street?

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im wondering how it compares with the old autisa. but i dont know of too many of them floating around.

anyways, since its pretty much the only bolt on option for the piston port derbi, might as well give it a try!

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do it! I'm getting a 65cc bored out cylinder in a week or so, I imagine its going to be very similar to the parma.

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I'm running the Parmakit on my Piston port Diablo and it is awesome!

The quality of the kit is amazing... one of the best I've ever seen...beautiful casting with no flaws...

I'm running a 19mm Dellorto with an intake cut from a Boss pipe header with the the Malossi horn thingy a/f

It has a crazy port map and it's one of the sweetest kits I've ever seen!

I cut and welded a Metrakit pipe withthe blue baffle and configured it like the original Diablo pipe to create an esthetic to conform to the original shape of the original pipe (see pic in link)...

All I can say is the thing rips hard through every powerband and my guess is that it's because of the variator (TJT) it has a solid powerband through every rpm range... I just start off the line at WOT and it just takes off crazy right up into 50+ land... its sick! here is a link to the post with pics and details!

I also have a 1980 Piston port Variant that had an old school kit on it when I bought it that I think may be the Autisa... basically a pretty straightforward design with huge transfers...

I'm running the same Metra pipe as the Diablo with a 16mm SHA... I opened up the stock intake to a little over 15mm and the intake and exhaust ports on the cylinder to 20mm ...

I also opened up the port on the piston and made it rectangular to match the cylinder and those simple mods transformed it from a smooth really fast relatively quiet mope into a beast that freakin roars! Its a totaly different animal!

The main difference I have found is the Autisa really needs to develop much higher RPMs to really hit the pipe... but once it does it rips so hard you really have to hang on as it throws your sholders back so hard when its taking off that itt's like woah holy shit!

I HIGHLY recommend the Parmakit... it's light years ahead of the older Autisa in its design... go for it!

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I am trying to decide if I want to run the parmakit or go with one of the puch kits.

I was kind of considering the puch reedvalve kit or maybe a polini.

I have looked into using one of the big kid kids like a metra 80 or a gilardoni, but it sounds like they just aren't working reliably. Seems like everyone has at least a couple churnobyl incidents at least, and considering this is the only derbi I have ever seen in my state and replacement parts aren't going to be available I am probably just going to have to stick with some of the milder stuff.

225 is a lot to pay for a 60cc kit. I will have to mull it over. Go to know its a strong 60cc's though.

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hey daniel, did you get my email a few weeks back?

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Zack I just emailed you!

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