Converting, need help!

I'm about to switch to a 65cc 43 mm cylinder kit, but i don't know what to do for the carb and exhaust! can I keep the same crankcase, connecting rod, crankshaft, etc? Do I have to beef up everthing? the spark plug?!

Re: Converting, need help!

What moped do you have and what kit are you putting on it?

Re: Converting, need help!

Assuming that this is for the Vespa Si in your profile...

You need to find out if your crank shaft is a 10mm or 12mm. On virtually any other Vespa moped I would say you have a 12mm but with a Si, you might have a 10mm. Ask someone on here with a Si if they know what size their crankshaft is. If you bough a 12mm wrist pin kit and you have a 10mm crank shaft then yes, you will need a new crank shaft. Otherwise everything Vespa is plug and play. some exhausts get in the way of the kick stand and/or pedals.

Re: Converting, need help!

just throw the kit on and up jet and get a pipe and blast

Re: Converting, need help!

Wally Westlake /

1982 vespa SI

49.28cc (50cc) SI1m engine

bore 38.2mm

43mm stroke

dell-orto 12/12 carb

i got this from the manual, and my engine is the stock engine.

how do i measure the crankshaft? does anyone know the exact tool to remove this crankshaft? or actually, the exact steps to overhaul the engine?

wil a 70cc actaully fit in the same engine space as the 50cc?

Re: Converting, need help!

Wally Westlake /

please define "up jet", and, assuming by pipe you mean exhaust pipe, what is "blast"

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