Hobbit woes continue

Ok so if you saw my first post a week ago...Im running a hopped up Hobbit, Kit pipe carb, you know the usual..and out of the blue it dies off when WOT when approching 45+ !!! Lay off and it come back. Performance seeems to be gradually lacking 'oomph'...

It idles rough, like surges no matter how much you tweek the settings...could all this be a symptom of a blown seal on the main bearings?

Or could it be a gap issue and or points need replaced?

Not sure... sincerely stumped...

Re: Hobbit woes continue

Sounds like it could be a number of things. check for leaks, if you got bad seals you should be able to find them. check your gap, make sure you've got the correct plug, inspect your points, if all is dandy you may need to slightly adjust your timing. clean your carb & air filter. check your petcock and filters leading into your carb to make sure you're getting enough fuel. cruddy cocks, gunked up filters and kinked tubes are no good! check to make sure your cap isn't messed up and putting a vacuum on your tank. i had an issue like this with an Express, the cap was screwy and didn't vent well so i'd have to 'burp' it every so often to keep the fuel flowin. got pissed at it and drilled a hole through it, no more burpin for you Express!

i'd be almost willing to bet it's something with your fuel setup as far as the death @ speed. tank vaccum, cruddy cock, dirty needle valve, mis-adjusted float, etc...

rough running, that's a different story... could be electrical or it could be fuel, but if it corresponds with the death @ speed it would probably be your carb's float being set too low in the bowl so you just get a dab of fuel, valve closes, revs up, you run the bowl dry, dies down, get another dab...

more info? what carb / kit / pipe? jet sizes? idle rough / surge when cold or warm or both? did you change your reeds? (metal reeds = wet blanket)

Re: Hobbit woes continue

The surging at idle sounds like a seal. Are you still running the stock seals or have they been replaced?

Re: Hobbit woes continue

yeah stock seals...Im thinking its the culprit!

Steve: Its getting hella fuel, I though tthat was it at first...so I elimnated the petcock and shotguned it direct to the carb, Ive rplace the carb, it never did idle with the stock carb, so PHBG keeps it idle, but its adjusted way high! and it surges...

Im running a Polini, performance reeds, PHBG 19mm, Ive tried 90-104 jets...I got a clean tank, and its top tank, Ive run with the cap off...so its not a vaccume issue, its got to be the seals and or bearings....everything is tight tigh ttight! Checked over and under 100+ times...Im very meticulous. The bottom end is the only thing untouched.

Thanks for the responses!

Pic of moped in question

Re: Hobbit woes continue

the carb isn't sitting level and the float is going as high as it can on an angle making the fuel level low in the bowl. get a hose a little longer then tie down the end until its level or attach it somehow to hold it in place better

Re: Hobbit woes continue

Thats may just be it . HMMMMMM jimmy what u thinkn

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