Variotop assembly help

I have a 103 and bought a Variotop with clutch function Malossi part 18-1885 it has not assembly instructions.

How does this thing go together and which parts from the original clutch get used, Benji didn’t include instructions with mine and they say they can't help me. Thanx in advance?

Re: Variotop assembly help

Yeah, me too.

Gonna have to look at my moby variotop that I bought assembled.

Re: Variotop assembly help

You should have to use the back cheek of the stock variator. The needle bearings go in the shaft along with the spacer things and the plastic spacer looking thing goes on the end of the shaft. I think it's pretty straight forward on how it get's put together...and I don't even own a got a Peugeot vario top by mistake :)

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