motobecane sebring 42mm eurocillindro kit ???


I just bought this kit , (42mm eurcilindro kit) it's is in the mail. does anyone else have one? any suggestions on a dellorto carb that will fit the existing intake or an expansion pipe that will fit. It seems like nothing really fits these bikes. I'll grind down a tomos bullet pipe to fit. anyone have a suggestion. it looks like the proma gp puch pipe wont fit.

as far as carbs go , the Sha 15.15 seems to big for the intake( 18mm inner diameter of the shim on the carb while the exterior of the intake is 16mm!) by the way the stock intake is the only one that fits and it is a sha 14:12.

any suggestions besides making a new intake?


Re: motobecane sebring 42mm eurocillindro kit ???

Use the shim from the 14.12 - they bodies are the same casting otherwise and it will be the same. There is 1mm for ya, LOL. There is also a 16.16.

Re: motobecane sebring 42mm eurocillindro kit ???

maybe just wrap some electrical tape around it till it fits? ghetto , but might work.

Re: motobecane sebring 42mm eurocillindro kit ???

There are two sizes of the 15.15, one for the stock intake sizes, and the larger variety. Benji sells both. Go to dellorto direct and order a new spacer.

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