70cc upgrade

i have a tomos targa, just bought the 70cc kit from treatland and i'm about to install it.

i'm just curious, do i need anything else for my moped before running on the 70cc engine?

(this is what i bought http://www.treatland.tv/tomos-moped-alukit-70cc-A35-kit-p/tomos-alukit-70cc-kit-targa-a3.htm)

Re: 70cc upgrade

Bigger jets for the carb..better airfilter and better pipe if you haven't got them already..up your premix ratio..

Re: 70cc upgrade

put one on last weekend.i put a homoet pipe and a del.15/15 with it(68 jet for break in)if you get a new carb go with at least a 16 or bore your stock to a 15. it really a needs pipe.good kit!!!(43 mph gps not wide open)

Re: 70cc upgrade

if you dont adjust the carb jetting so it matches the increased displacement of the 70'cc kit, its gonna explode in like a mile.

Other then that, you might wanna get a pipe.

there is no reason / benefit to increase DISPLACEMENT without increasing intake and exhuast.

Think of trying to suck a pea through a straw.

only with metal, that seizes and blows bits of piston into your bottom end.

Re: 70cc upgrade

you run a 14.12 or 15 or 16? email us we give advice if need be. if you run stuck (14.12) try to jet up hi. if using like a 16mm try to have in 70's at leest. they rite you gonna blowing that shit up if not. you talk with us a mopedgarmy@yahoo.com

Re: 70cc upgrade

so just to clarify -all i need:

new jets - 70s range?

i have a dellorto carb and biturbo exhaust on my ped now.

Re: 70cc upgrade

dellorto what? a 14.12 is gonna be dangerously wimpy. 19mm is pretty much standard for 70cc. a 16 may work.

Re: 70cc upgrade

yeah it's a 14.12, so i'll up to a 19. also, treatland is out of 70's range jets. so i'm pretty much left with the 60s range or 80s range. which would be better to go with?

Re: 70cc upgrade

GARange U Glad? /

if you up to a 19 probly go hirgher bro. if you has the stock pipe and the kit, but a 15 or16 on it, you canwill be fine in the 70 range. just fine tuneding it.

\\remember, do NOT go fuckbalwildfast in a nu kit. you finda blwow you shit up quick that way. alternator your speed corectly. go vareous speed but do not just go 0-50 and that it. baby it for a few hunerd miles.

bwt, a 19 will rap ass but if you dose a 19 you will has to dick arond with the phbg or what they call it and it not like the simpoe 14.12 set up you has. if you nto that incline on working on you bike, then stick to the 16 delltrollo since it is the same formyfactor as any deltrollo 12mm and up. peach out! rememer you can emale us at mopedgarmy@yahoo.com

Re: 70cc upgrade

umm i'm not trying to be rude or anything, but do you read what you wrote before posting it? i could barely understand anything of what you said.

i'm going to get the 19mm carburator.

treatland is out of 70's range jets, so my question is - should i got 60's range, or 80's range? (since they don't have 70's.)

Re: 70cc upgrade

It's Gar. I don't think there are many people who speak fluent Gar-ish.

It would be better to be too rich rather than too lean. Too rich and your bike runs poorly and you foul plugs. Too lean and you blow up your engine. Go for the 80's rather than the 60's, unless you can wait until they get the 70's back in. Or, just order a few sizes individually.


Re: 70cc upgrade

Che GARvarra /

Linda, thanks for you fanship. If you get 19mm you gong to be in deepar crap than you was. that big boy stuff. you has to worry about tuneing you carb (mikuini rite?) and making an intake for that bike. figuer out how to run a 50cc before you bust up anything else.

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