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hello there friends. i just had a very quick question about the installation of the intake on my new kit. i just finished my full rebuild last night and when i tried to use the included allen bolts to secure the intake, the longer one(carb side of intake) were too long and didn't go in all the way. am i missing some washers, are my bolts too long, whats going on. ive got both of my gaskets and the reeds in there so thats not it.

so, did any of you guys run into this issue? what did you do/what should i do. i was just gonna go get some shorter allens. is this the c orrect fix or am i missing something?

(puch maxi, 1978, 70cc athena reedvalve with carbon fiber reeds, 20mm phgb carb and its the standard intake that comes with the kit.)

Re: Athena Reedvalve Intake

I had exactly the same issue and just added some small washers.

I also have a Maxi and the PHBG was quite a tight fit. What filter are you using?

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im just going to be using panty hose for now. i didn't buy a filter right off cuz i wanted to see how the carb would sit on my engine and what would fit.

alrighty. if that worked for you than that is what i shall do also.

Re: Athena Reedvalve Intake

The bowl hits a little on the case so it's tilted a slight bit.

That filter was a tight fit but it makes it.

Re: Athena Reedvalve Intake

Pablo Puchasso /

Nicely done

Re: Athena Reedvalve Intake

well, im about to start my break in this afternoon. im not really that sure on jetting because this is my first bout with a phgb, based on looking at the spreadsheet im just going to leave everything that came in my carb in there to start (90 main jet, 60 idle jet, w7 needle at stock setting.)

set up is athena reedvalve kit, phgb 20mm carb, boss pipe, 70cc high comp head.

does that sound like reasonable starting point for break in?

Re: Athena Reedvalve Intake

I went pretty big on mine, with a 21 and some portin, and a n8p, maybe 116 or 118. One down on the needle clip too.

Re: Athena Reedvalve Intake

I had the exact same problem with the bolts being too long. Added some washers as other people have done was no issue.

I have a 19phbg and an estoril, running a 38 idle jet, 83 main, stock needle set on the third from top setting. Can cruise at 45 all day with this setup.

Re: Athena Reedvalve Intake

I had this problem on my 50cc athena, and so I ran a tap down the holes to clean up the threads and make them a little deeper where they weren't deep enough.

Re: Athena Reedvalve Intake

Custom Motion Left Intake! With shorter bolts.

Re: Athena Reedvalve Intake

If you guys have an angle grinder & a cut off disk. You can thread a nut on to the bolt. Hold the bolt with some pliers or Vise Grips, Chop off what you need to make it short enough to fit. Then run the nut back off the bolt and it will clean up the ragged edge left from the cut. Voila! Shortened bolts to fit. No running to the hardware store. Done it a million times.

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