treatshq za50 clutch

has any one put the new clutches on from treats?

how do you like them?

did you flip the 2ed gear?

did you change or cut the springs?

thank you

za are so sweet

i cant wait to go 80 metrakit and going way to fast

Re: treatshq za50 clutch

You cant flip the clutch because it wont fit. I have been running the clutches for about 100 miles on my metra 80 and they are pretty nice. It shifts pretty late, about 30-35. I am also using 0w-20 mobil one sythetic oil.

Re: treatshq za50 clutch


Re: treatshq za50 clutch

so you are using a thinner oil for later shiftying I've been doing the opposite and it's not working, guess that's maybee why?

Re: treatshq za50 clutch

if you use the thinner oil you need to overfill it to make it work

Re: treatshq za50 clutch

i run 7oz of ATF and 3 to 5oz of 30w and my 65metra holds 1st to like 26 to 28 mph i can all most make it shift later with how i hold the gas

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