grinding plate on Motobecane variator....?

Ok, better title this time...

Anyone done this and remember how much they ground off the moving plate?


Re: grinding plate on Motobecane variator....?

You are talking about grinding down on the center part of the movable wheel in the stock variator, right? I'm thinking about doing just that now that my Varplus is shot. I was probably just going to sand a millimeter or two off and see what that does for me.

Re: grinding plate on Motobecane variator....?


yeah I guess a lil dab'll do ya.

I'll start w/ a few mm as well...see what happens.

Good luck!

Re: grinding plate on Motobecane variator....?

good idea. earlier motobecane variators came with shims in them that stopped the sliding cheek from opening at a certain point. removing it allowed for a better gear top end gear ratio, so milling the plate would do the same thing. not that you guys need to have this explained...

but i was instructed by "wari" long ago to do this, elliot as well.

i would imagine, as with other mods like this, there is a "too much" point where taking off too much material will just fuck everything up. the fun part is finding out where that "too much" point is...

Re: grinding plate on Motobecane variator....?

Yeah, there definitely is a too much point, probably when the balls are no longer contained safely in the ball...uh...court.

2mm actually seemed like a lot after I marked it out and did little by little, checking the ballspace periodically. I would guess I took off about 1.5mm max, and the balls are in there good still. Have yet to fire it up.

Of course my back plate warped a little when heating it off, and the "plastic" cage the balls sit in melted and bubbled quite abit too, but it doesnt seem like it will affect performance, as the melting was just at the base of the cage, not interfering with ball movement. I hope the warping doesnt affect perf too much.

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