Silvery stuff in transoil

Why would this be like this? I just rebuilt and im still tunning, I had blue springs and three shoe clutch it slipped too much. So now Ive got three shoe regular springs. Doing clutch tuning and the trans oil is grey/silver. It defiantly has some silver dust in it like the stuff from a port match. could this be from the three shoe clutch that wasnt clean? or from clutch pads?

Re: Silvery stuff in transoil

that grey/silvery stuff is just teeny little bits of metal. i see it all the time doing breakin service on scooters. you should look to see if you have any grooves in your clutch bell, or anywhere else. or any unusual wear on any parts inside the motor.

Re: Silvery stuff in transoil

check your clutch bell. it happens sometime. no big deal.

Re: Silvery stuff in transoil

yeah new clutches do that, run it real mean for a bit then change it and see if it makes sparkles again.

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