"VESPA CIAO" flywheel install

Does this flywheel look be be in all the way? (Pic#1)

The flywheel doesn't seem to be dropping all the way in, but maybe it is all the way in. The woodruff key seems to be lined up straight, but there is still some slot left on the flywheel. Thanks for the help.


Re: "VESPA CIAO" flywheel install

(Pic #2)


Re: "VESPA CIAO" flywheel install


Re: "VESPA CIAO" flywheel install

Vespa flywheels are a little wobbly before you tighten down the clutch or variator to fully seat them. As long as the key is lined up you'll be fine.

Re: "VESPA CIAO" flywheel install

Yeah what Ty said.

Re: "VESPA CIAO" flywheel install

Sounds good. Thank you.

Re: "VESPA CIAO" flywheel install

Its a good thing to put the clutch and or variator on all the way with the nut to seat th the flywheel. Then remove and mount the engine. It's best to verify it's all in place before hand. Otherwise you could have a nasty broken key and potentially ruin your flywheel, coils and points. Just a tip from the wiki.

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