Iowa + Jamarcol = 7MPH

I just got done test riding my 83 Iowa Express with a new jamarcol pipe. WFO went from 27MPH to 34MPH. Its all midrange and top end. Not sure how good it would work on a single speed express.


Re: Iowa + Jamarcol = 7MPH

nice, i like the mount you rigged.

Re: Iowa + Jamarcol = 7MPH

Hell yeah, I have one of those pipes on my little green 78 express. Best thing to happen to expresses in a LONG time.

P.S. One of the I.R.A. guys found out that part of the Iowa restriction is in the intake. I have an extry non Iowa intake laying around if you want it. Might give you a couple more MPH. Also, if you are going to leave it stock, maybe think about slapping a spree head and a uni pod filter on it. Fast expresses RULE!

Re: Iowa + Jamarcol = 7MPH

Nice gain and a good looking mount too. Carb & intake next? When you get to the reeds, see what kind you have and check out my video on You Tube where I explain the different Express reeds and adaptability. There are two different types and one is more favorable than the other.

I think that someone here has been working on a Dello replica kit with rubber manifold that looks pretty good. You want a short and sweet intake tract w/o the "hard" 90* bend that is counterproductive to optimal air flow characteristics.

Search YT for: Routabit - for all my videos


Re: Iowa + Jamarcol = 7MPH

I'm not sure how much more I'll do on the Express for a while. I bought some "stock" Boyesen reeds I was going to put in it but they don't cover the reed block opening. I'll put them in my stock 1980 PA50II that I have a Bi-Turbo to put on. Has anyone done any modding on the 2 speeds as far as keeping them in 1st gear longer?

Re: Iowa + Jamarcol = 7MPH

Weird. They worked in my express. I guess mine is a one speed.

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