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I know there are tons of threads on this and i've done my reading, but this is the first bike i've ever worked on by myself. It's a puch magnum ii, and I bought a 15.15 del carb for it, so i decided to bore out the stock intake with the advice from some people. after that i found some fittings that put the carb at the angle I need it to be because the carb is to big to fit under the frame. My only problem is that I'm scared it's too long, anyone got any advice from me? check the picture above. thanks


Re: intake help

Naah, looks fine. good job.

Re: intake help

Oh, I just realized that you've got your pipe attached to the stock pipe.... maybe try and see if you can do without that 90 degree bend on the stock pipe.

Re: intake help

that bend is the only way i could figure out how to make it fit somewhere on the moped, otherwise the carb is much bigger than the stock 12mm bing, and the za50 has an extra lump next to the clutch cover and it makes the area to small for the del carb to fit.

Re: intake help

when i had my original intake i just put the intake on the carb first then put it all on the bike at once. try that and everytime you take the carb off all you have to do is just loosen the intake and the carb should wiggle off.

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