A couple questions about my Pinto

Copied in part fomr a previous thread:

I took a look at my carb and it had the numbers 1/15/46 so i then must assume that i have a 15mm carb which seems like that is a large enough carb for me to add a nice new exhaust on to.

I did also see that my intake from the carb had a 12 stamped on it, does this mean i only have a 12mm intake on my 15mm carb? is that actually possible? if so, would i want to see about getting a 15mm intake for it?

I also am looking at replacing my jet, however i read that i should be able to tell what size jet i have by it being stamped on it somewhere. However, i took out my jet and saw no indication as to what size it is, so i don't know what size i should look at getting. I know that no one can say exactly what size i'll need, that i need to play with it myself, which is cool, but would anyone have an idea of what size jet may have been stock on a E50 with a 15mm carb? i'm guessing that it is probably between a 60 and 64... but i have no clue. I'd just rather not buy the same size jet i have already. ;]

Treats is a fantastic site which lists more parts for my ped than i could ever hope for, the problem though is that everything i would need or want is out of stock… is there another place i should look to find a good exhaust?

One other thing i noticed while looking through exhausts is that i may not be able to have my side covers on with the exhaust and even an air filter upgrade. i don’t mind ricking the bike without the covers, i am just worried about having the exposed wiring, is there some kind of harness that i can get to enclose the wiring from the elements?

I want to thank Linda and Sue, for helping me out so much already!!


Re: A couple questions about my Pinto

The number on the jet is very tiny and on the side. The other side should have a little B on it. It's pretty hard to read sometimes and if the jet has been mangled up then it might not be there at all. You have the long round intake box and you would be fine with a high flow filter under the panels on a pinto. A pipe would not get in the way of the side panels so your ok there. As for the wiring block in the rain, I ride here in Portland with no panel over my harness and it hasn't given one bit of problem. If your intake says 12 on it then it's a 12mm intake. Be worth your money to get the 15mm to make use of the carb. If you have a large carb breathing through a small hole then it's not really any better than a 12mm carb.

I know in the other thread you wanted to make it go faster, you can make it go 40 pretty easy with port work and raising the compression with the stock exhaust. That is, if you do it right. Although kits are pretty cheap right now if your not comfortable with porting.

Re: A couple questions about my Pinto

If you get one of the Bing air filters treats has (like this one it will still fit under your sidecovers no problem.

According to the Bing wiki article, that carb came with an 82 jet stock. However, an 82 jet should be way too big for an otherwise stock bike. Since the 15mm carb is an aftermarket carb, I would hope/think that whoever put it on there also changed out the jet with something a little smaller. As Jesse said, the number on the jet is really small and stamped into the side of the jet. I've found that it's stamped bigger and deeper on the original jets, but on the ones you can buy now, you almost need a magnifying glass to read the numbers off the side. And yes, you should get the 15mm intake. It's a pretty inexpensive upgrade.

I see what you mean about treats being out of stock for just about every Puch pipe. If you don't mind waiting a little longer, just sign up to be e-mailed when he gets them back in stock -- he's usually pretty fast about restocking stuff. There are other places to look (check the "shop links" page on the wiki), but you'll probably end up paying more than you would if you bought from treats. You should have no problems with the sidecovers interfering with the exhaust -- sometimes with certain pipes there are kickstand or pedal clearance issues, but I've never heard of sidecover problems.

Re: A couple questions about my Pinto

thanks guys for your info!


yeah that is the air filter i was looking at... actually i like the way this one looks if i am gonna have to cut my side panels or take them off for it to fit, but if i don't then it don't matter which one i get ;]

i'm definitely getting that 15mm intake too and probably a handful of jets to test them out... also i did get on the email list for them to inform me of when the black techno boss exhaust comes back in stock... for a total less than $100 for everything i think i'll be scooting along pretty quick and can hold off on the cylinder kit for a while.

i'm also looking at getting a couple new front sprockets, one for each side...

thanks again guys!!

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