phgb headache help please..

phgb headache /

70 cc k-star

21mm phgb

86 main jet

50 idle jet

black shorty hi flow filter

so ive had my 70cc kstar for a lil while now and have been trying to tune this damned thing forever

first got advice my main jet was too lean, people were right, so i threw an 82 in sounded much better

then decided to go up because my bike would die a lil after

went to 86 almost perfect when i first ran it

but now i cant even get the damned thing to start

mabey because i got stock throttle?

the choke on the carb is boot legged?

anyone got advice for me?

phgb's are one helluva headache i just wanna ride my ped the weather is completely perfect!!!

Re: phgb headache help please..

PHBG's are not a headache if you know how to tune a carb...

And if you went richer and now it won't start, you've probably fouled your plug or you're trying to start it on choke and you're drowning it in gas.

Re: phgb headache help please..

fix your choke.

Re: phgb headache help please..

Tuning carbs, no matter how much you know, is a headache. I feel ya man.

Re: phgb headache help please..

i sometimes have to remove my air filter when i start... if i tune to start with it on, the bike leans out

just another starting quirk to prevent theft, yeah sure

Re: phgb headache help please..

drop yor idle down.

Re: phgb headache help please..

yeah that idle is too big, try a 45 or a 42 ( try the 45 first ) If your runnng the 50, and its running on the stand and you messing with the enrichment screw, and it doenst do anything, then its too rich ( or to lean, but if your too lean you woulda already blown it up lol )

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