Ideas for 103 Build...

So I'm mostly just bored at work but I do want to get some advice here.

I had/have a 103 LS (no variator), and I destroyed the top end and littered the case with debris. I want to do a full-rebuild rather than clean the case, because I want a crank that will accommodate a variator.

I'm willing to spend $500-600 total-- any more and I'd have to sell my other bike, which I don't wanna do. I'll be re-using the 16mm phbg, Polini "Top One" pipe, and stock ignition. Everything else needs to go.

I don't need to sustain speeds over 45mph, since I'll be riding mostly in SF, and usually there's too much traffic to rip WOT all the time. Torque is more important. Reliability is top priority, this'll be a daily rider.

So we're looking at case, crank, top end (including head), new reeds, and variator.

Should I go to the trouble and cost of a full on performance set-up (I was oogling the Malossi case, crank, etc.) or get a stock case and port it out, and go stock variator? It seems like things start to get really expensive when you're talking performance variation, when there's a new clutch, variator, springs, and maybe even pulleys to consider. I'm probably going to have 1977 build the case for me, I can handle the rest.

Thanks for any advice you've got.

Re: Ideas for 103 Build...

I'm thinking:


Case+whatever proper reeds/intake to fit it

Long-Stroke crank

Aluminum 70cc kit/head

Multivar+whatever springs, etc.

Keep using my 16mm pgbg (is that big enough?) and ignition and Polini "top one" exhaust.

Price tag will come out around $750 according to 1977s Peugeot 103 engine build, one hell of a deal when you think about it.

That's pretty much what I want, any testimonials?

Re: Ideas for 103 Build...

long stroke crank=fail. it has a long con rod. which means more base gaskets. which means... fucko. no better than stock. peugeot stock cranks are fine. find one. stock case is ok, too. open the intake a bit. intake, kit, head and multivar are the more expensive things. gilardoni is great because you can port match on a stock case. the polini cast iron looks like it might work like that as well.

Re: Ideas for 103 Build...

) CuperAWESOMO ( /

You are the first person I've ever heard complain about the stroker crank (although it's not technically a stroker is it?) And it comes with a spacer.

Email me andy. I have a sick parma 80 set-up, with new bearings, malossi stroker crank, malossi case. I can also throw on a stock variator and you can use your stock ignition and stay within your price range. I'm heading up to SF saturday if you want to check it out.

Re: Ideas for 103 Build...

After having bought a Polini case I feel like I wasted my money over just dremeling the crap out of a stock case and getting a four petal setup, which is what I did for my other engine.

Stock case and crank are pretty sweet.

Re: Ideas for 103 Build...

2 motors

just thowing it out there.

Re: Ideas for 103 Build...

And that parma 80 setup that Joe has is pretty sweet. I'd definitely consider that.

Re: Ideas for 103 Build...

derbeez ryderz /

the malossi case and more expensive polini cases have a much better/bigger reedblock/intake then just a regular 4pedal.

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