Performance Upgrade Help for 2008 Tomos LX

I have a 2008 Tomos LX and am wanting to get it to go a bit faster.

I am not very mechanically inclined and have been trying to research on this site and with google but there are a million different posts and opinions and some aren't specific to what i want so i figured i would just make my own post to see if i can get some help.

Right now i have all factory parts and usually cruise at 30mph (20-25 uphill and 35-40 down big hills). I ride everyday to work and the road is 35mph (with many suburban drivers doing 40-45) and is pretty flat (there is one big hill). there are also a frick ton of pot holes that i usually avoid but sometimes accidentally hit (the stock pipe and stuff usually still clear fine).

I am looking to cruise comfortably at (at least) 45mph (50-55 would be even better). I don't want to spend a ridiculous amount of money (probably no more than $300-$400 but want to make mods that will best enhance the performance and not need too much customization (the whole limited mechanical abilities thing comes in here).

I have basically seen a pattern in the forums and parts dealers of:

New Exhaust

New Front and Rear Sprockets

Bigger Jets

and possibly 65-70CC upgrade

So what would be the best parts to achieve what i am looking for? Thanks!

Re: Performance Upgrade Help for 2008 Tomos LX

New pipe, upjetting and proper tuning will get you into the 40s. Sprockets can help too.

Very good for the money. Dont forget to upjet, and if you have a stock air filter, you may want to go the high flow route.

Re: Performance Upgrade Help for 2008 Tomos LX

Cool, thanks.

Is there a difference between that pipe, the Technigas and the Biturbo pipes?

also what size front and rear sprockets would work best and what size jets? will bigger jets fit in the stock carb?

Also with the high flow air filter will i need to remove the side panel that currently covers the air filter to get best results or does that make a difference?


Re: Performance Upgrade Help for 2008 Tomos LX

airsal a55 70cc kit + ($150)

mikuni vm20 + custom intake ($150)

27/20 gearing + ($50)

exhaust of your choice + ($75-200)

= blast nation. Its just slightly above your price range, but you won't believe how SRS it will be after that.

Re: Performance Upgrade Help for 2008 Tomos LX

the stock carb and manifold (i believe is a 14mm dellorto PHVA) with an airsal 70cc kit, tecno estoril exhaust....and maybe a 22t rear will get you goin out to about 50 .... installing the 27t front requires you to grind some material off the inside of the side cover.........

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