70cc Airsal Head Gasket

So I have a Airsal 70cc Kit on my A55 and I need a new head gasket for it. I've looked and looked every where but I don't know where to get one. What I am wondering is can I put a head gasket from a different moped 70cc kit with the same mounting stud pattern(spacing). What other mopeds have the same mounting stud pattern as the A55. Or I am I going to have to make a gasket for it.



what do you guys think about running with an extra base gasket and no head gasket as an alternative

Re: 70cc Airsal Head Gasket

I'd just clean up the mating surfaces and try running without one, making sure the piston clears first, see if it seals.

Re: 70cc Airsal Head Gasket

pretty sure i've long lost track of which is the head gasket that came with the airsal kit and which are the spare kstar 70cc gaskets i got from el treats. i mean i dont see any difference; hope there isn.t..

Re: 70cc Airsal Head Gasket

You can use a head gasket from any A35 70cc kit also...they are the same size bolt and pattern as the A55

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