puch getting faster

Motor is definitely spinning fast, but got a new top speed today:

Setup: 70cc Athena reed kit, 19 mm phbg, estoril (no mods)

Re: puch getting faster

Griffin Applicable /

what gps is that? is it cheap?

Re: puch getting faster

Not gps, digital bike speedo. Uses a magnet pickup on spoke and you input the circumference of the wheel. Verified against radar at 45mph.

Re: puch getting faster

Here is a pic of the setup on it:

Re: puch getting faster

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

Thats quite good for that particular setup if its unported. That kit has potential to go faster, but it takes a fair bit of grinding to do so.

Re: puch getting faster

The only mods to the kit itself were to the piston, cut a large window on the intake side skirt.

Also has a high compression head, and a dmp stuffed crank.

Gearing is 18x45

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