16mm intake for an A35????

I'm still waiting for some cool new custom intake for my Dellorto 16/16

to show up.

It needs to fit on a 2002 targa. It seems a four petal is out of the

question as it stands too tall so will run a two petal. I've seen

some custom rubber hose, JB weld, even copper tubing versions

here but would like to stick something clean-nice welds, smooth

bend, nice looking, to go with a parmakit and technigas.

Anyone know of anything out there?????

It is the only piece left before starting my build.


Re: 16mm intake for an A35????

Jcams can build you a baller intake.

Re: 16mm intake for an A35????

How much?

How do I get in touch with him?

Would you happen to know what he uses? Materials?



Re: 16mm intake for an A35????

Jcam is his name on MA

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