Quicky on moby porting.

so i bought a cylinder from QK a month ago and ported it per the wiki instructions. I've noticed that it has almost zero low end and hits it's power band kinda high for the variator. (3 ball). Am I correct in assuming that this type of porting will raise the rpm at which the power band is reached and it needs to be corrected by removing weights from the variator? Or does this mean I screwed it up?

Re: Quicky on moby porting.

Ya, raising the exhaust port will also increase the rpm's the powerband hits.

There are not any very effective methods of modifying the stock clutch on the moby, so not engaging the motor until it is running at a higher speed is out of the question.

Get the varplus modified mobile wheel or snag a 4 ball guide for the stock variator from handy bikes and run only two balls in it.

Re: Quicky on moby porting.

Aye, that makes sense, I've got an extra 4ball lying about. I'll give that a shot thanks!

Re: Quicky on moby porting.

you can modify the moby clutch to engage at higher rpms, not the way most people try iit but a way pioneered by julian. instead of just cutting down the clutch arms, you have to remove the asbestos clutch pads, cut the arms down, and re glue them or glue on new ones. this way it takes a higher rpm to lift them but you still have all the grip of a full pad rather than slip city when you cut the arm and pad.

it's on the wiki.


Re: Quicky on moby porting.

Seriously, I did more to tune the stock clutch than anyone and it will not engage high enough to make much of a difference. Mostly a useless endevor.

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