Metra 65 annoying Jet question

Yeah i know. Annoying jetting question.

Anyway, case matched e50 to a metra, malossi back facing manifold, 19mm dell and a malllosi air filter, estoril. 45 Idle Jet.

tuned my pilot, needle and everything only to find 3 days ago after a plug chop that the 84 i had in it for a main was too small, Outside of plug element was all white.

So i upjetted tonight to a 90, and it doesnt feel any different? WTF? Plug chop shows a TINY bit or light light brown on one side of the element..

Totally tested for air leaks - there are none. Im prob 100 miles into break in.

Am i still chasing a phantom while its breaking in?

Am i silly to think that a 90 main is really big for that setup?

Re: Metra 65 annoying Jet question

a lot of people are in the 80's on the spread sheet but there are some close to 100 and i think Elliot runs a 120 on a polini. i would try a 100 and see what happens. why not?

Re: Metra 65 annoying Jet question

yah i guess. I just got frustrated cause it got dark and that carb mounted backwards is a pain in the ass for tuning. It seemed the overwealming majority of people on the chart were running low 80's...

Maybe its still breaking in?

It also seems odd that if i was really supposed to be running a 100, wouldnt i have siezed the shit out of it running it around for 100 miles on a 83 Main?

Re: Metra 65 annoying Jet question

How does it run?

Re: Metra 65 annoying Jet question

do you have the treats CDI on it?

Re: Metra 65 annoying Jet question

naw im running point becuase i dont want to introduce too many variables. advancing and retarding the stator and adjusting the points do , well, what they usually do.

It actually runs well i guess, boggy in parts sometimes off the line before the 3 shoe lets go and lets it spin up.

I guess im just surprised that it would run with such a big main but not 4 stoke. It runs at wot, but not with as much power as i had last year with a dif metra and an 85 main. But that motor air leaked, and this one doesnt.

Ive finally gone down to a 45 pilot jet - the 60 that was in it and the 50 i had before - they made no difference when i messed with the mixture adjustment. It runs best with the adjustment all the way in which tells me im still a bit big but thats good for break in ( this is my theory anywho )

I think just gunning in a 95 or a 100 to see if it 4 stokes might be the hot tip.

Re: Metra 65 annoying Jet question

I am hella ported (exhaust running like a 98 or hundo, rips half the time, kalvin seizes it the other half

Re: Metra 65 annoying Jet question

Meh - i think im just being a big diaper cry baby and need to keep messing with it now and stop whining.

I think that previously the main was too small and now its prob closer, but that when i dropped the needle a notch to compensate for the bigger main, it got a bit boggy.

Im just in need of a whambulance because its such and unholy pain in the ass to take the carb off the bike with that damned rear facing. Im gonna put a minerelli style forward facing manifold on it tommorow so i can jet it without 10 minutes of drama and also put the bowl on from my race carb so i can change jets quick and just tune the damned thing.

Sorry for the interuption of anyones scheduled events LOL

Re: Metra 65 annoying Jet question

im running an 87 jet on a similar setup and personally its still a bit rich...

Re: Metra 65 annoying Jet question

i think its still not broken in yet totally and the rings still need to seat. just getting inpatient and frustrated with that intake. its coming off tommorow.

Re: Metra 65 annoying Jet question

just use a stock pipe puch header till have you have it tuned. full access to both sides, super easy tuning timez

Re: Metra 65 annoying Jet question

thats the plan, stan.

Re: Metra 65 annoying Jet question

I had a 90 in for a long time with a very simliar setup, full throttle was completely unusable. Ive down jetted to the 70's now.

Re: Metra 65 annoying Jet question

Andrew I have a similar set up, I broke it in with a 102 I believe. Had to switch filters to a uni filter and I still can not get it to accept anything lower than a 94, with no leaks anywhere.

Re: Metra 65 annoying Jet question

i am at 91 witha a 42 ideal and a w6 on a za and it rips super fun

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