Hobbit Jets and Exhaust

I want to try some bigger jets on my PA50II. I've ordered parts from dealers online in the past with good success. However, I can't find anything but the standard 78 jet listed in their catalog. I followed the wiki for the part numbers and it always comes up missing (multiple catalogs). Any advice for finding them? I've never dealt with any of the dealers in minneapolis/st.paul, but if someone wanted to recommend one I'd be happy to try that route. Online just seems easier.

Also, does anyone know if the LeoVince exhaust is still available? I got one last year and it's great. I picked up another bike this spring and would like to put on an identical exhaust if possible. Otherwise, any comments on the proma performance pipe Treats has available?

Thanks for the help.


Re: Hobbit Jets and Exhaust

why do you want to upjet? does it need it? unless you are ktting it, i wouldnt worry about it. there are super expensive, like 9 a piece and not really necessary.

Re: Hobbit Jets and Exhaust

Raymond Rexroad /

Just did a google search for: 99101-124-0800 (an 80 jet) and got multiple hits. I just cut-pasted the number from the wiki . . . works with the 99101-ZF5-0800 number, too.

Try again.

Re: Hobbit Jets and Exhaust

seriously, its like peter says, these bikes are science. there really isnt any tuning involved, its all math.

are you planning on kitting it?

Re: Hobbit Jets and Exhaust

It seems to run very lean on the top end. What's the harm in spending $9 to see what happens? I put $125 into an exhaust and I shouldn't even try to upjet? It's fun to play with it and see what happens; that's all.

Thanks for the info. I should have googled before I posted!

Re: Hobbit Jets and Exhaust

If you are running the stock air filter and the stock muffler you should not have to up-jet. But if you want to check it out go to a Honda shop to see if they can get one for you.

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