questions about exhaust for a 64 cc polini kit

alright i just bought my first ped 2 weeks ago. it's a 1980 puch maxi. it was in fully working condition, but i wanted to make her a bit more my own. i have pulled it apart and sanded it down, paint and prime reserved for wed. but i am quite the newb. ok, i'm beyond being a newbie.

here's what i have thus far:

1980 puch maxi za50 1.5 engine

64 cc polini kit

i have bought some new jets to upjet as i've read this is necassary.

my real question, i suppose, comes down to the exhaust...

the few i seem to like are out of stock everywhere. i don't really like the way the bit looks. is it possible to still use the stock exhaust? maybe with some mods?at least until i can get something i feel is worth spending my cash on.

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