Puch Maxi Baffle mod, more damage than good?

I'd like to squeeze what little I can out of my 78 puch maxi, but I really don't have the cash or knowledge for a bore kit, rejetting, or anything of the such. My Ped is stock, MINUS the air box, I just have a high-flow aftermarket air filter.

However I read that I could simply remove these "restrictors" that run perpendicular in the baffle, and gain a some power.

( http://www.mopedarmy.com/resources/articles/maxi-derestriction/ )

But I also hear that back pressure needs to be tuned and what not, so would this really help? I don't want to hack my baffle only to find that it kills my acceleration, or anything like that. Would it require me to tune the carb? That complicates things too much for my busy self.

Has anyone ACTUALLY tried this?


Re: Puch Maxi Baffle mod, more damage than good?

i had this on my maxi before i got my polini pipe. so its alright for a 20 min mod.

just save up cash and get a new expansion chamber pipe.

and re jet your carb or else your gonna be running lean with that highflow.

Re: Puch Maxi Baffle mod, more damage than good?

- Summerai - Christine L /

Yeah, buy a Boss pipe. Best pipe for the money!

Re: Puch Maxi Baffle mod, more damage than good?

If you don't have time to re-jet, you don't have time for mopeds.

Re: Puch Maxi Baffle mod, more damage than good?

^^^ LOL.

I need to do this mod to my Maxi friend's bike so he can keep up with me and others. We shall let you know later.

What jet comes standard in a 1976 2hp Maxi? I need to order a few for said friend but I don't have the bike in front of me.

Re: Puch Maxi Baffle mod, more damage than good?

man if you have a 2hp i dont think you have those 2 pipes. its a 5 minute check to see tho, if that. take off exhaust nut, pull shiny shit off, theres either the pipes or holes. i have a luxe 2hp and theres no pipes/

Re: Puch Maxi Baffle mod, more damage than good?

I'm not trying to turn my moped into a motorcycle, but I can dremel a header any day for free. Free is my favorite number.

>>To get this straight, If ALL I do is take the restrictor off my header, I will probably need to re-jet for correct operation? I just don't want to cut the pipe, then wait for jets to come in the mail, then find out I need MORE parts $150+ or wait for the jets and find out they weren't needed. I work and go to school.

I really don't want to slaughter my paycheck with a damn exhaust pipe. Anything over $50 is a lot (for me) to spend on unnecessary things. I mean, I guess if the pipe REALLY did something, but my buddy said his new pipe only made things worse, and so he had to get a bigger carb altogether to match it.

You tell me, I'm getting a degree in electrical engineering, air/gas flow is not related to electron flow.

Re: Puch Maxi Baffle mod, more damage than good?

Yer buddy sounds like he didn't het it right. I can kit my bike and have a huge exhaust with a stock carb. First off, find out if you have the 2 pipes in your baffle. All it takes is a minute.

Yes, have jets handy if you do anything to the pipe/airfilter. I drilled the noise/flow baffle that looks like 3 tennis balls at the end of mine and it got lourder and faster but 4 strokes now. Meh.

Re: Puch Maxi Baffle mod, more damage than good?

Ok then I guess I need to find a set of jets, what's the stock main jet size for a 78 puch maxi 1.5hp? (thats a 14mm carb right?)

Or does I need to open it fto find out

Re: Puch Maxi Baffle mod, more damage than good?

best pipe for the money is the promaGP, im convinced.


Re: Puch Maxi Baffle mod, more damage than good?

If the only thing you do is de-restrict your exhaust (combined with the high flow air filter you already have), you shouldn't need to go up a whole bunch of jet sizes. Probably one or two sizes larger than what you have now would be sufficient. Jets are cheap -- get them from treats. break>

If, after you de-restrict your baffle, you still want to go faster, the best bang for your buck (IMO) will be a performance exhaust. The Bullet, Boss, and Proma GP are all cheap, well-liked pipes, and there are numerous threads you can search for that debate the merits of one over the others (or you can just go for the Boss -- it's the cheapest, and no, cheapest does not necessarily mean worst). I'd say that you should get an extra 4 or 5 mph out of a pipe (might be more, might be less depending on how fast it goes already and how well you tune it). You should also plan on getting another two (or so) jet sizes up when you put the exhaust on.

There is a list of carb numbers and stock jets in the wiki (Bing article) that you can check, but if you want to be absolutely sure what jet you have, you have to take the carb apart and look at the number stamped in the jet. To know whether you have a 14 or 12mm carb, look at the 3 numbers stamped on the outside of the carb body. It'll be something like 1/12/432 or 1/14/553 -- the middle number is the carb size.

Re: Puch Maxi Baffle mod, more damage than good?

Get a set of micro drills and drill those jets out. $20 or less for a never ending supply of jets is awesome!

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