the new run of parmakits

havent thrown mine on yet, but has anyone else noticed that the area thats supposed to seat the exhaust crush gasket isnt really all there? mine seems to be off-kilter such that theres only a lip around have the port. this doesnt seem like a good thing, as there will be no material for the exhaust to crush the gasket into. anyone run into this yet?

Re: the new run of parmakits

Mine looked good and is working well.


Re: the new run of parmakits

the last batch was like that as well don't worry about it the pipe will hold it in firmly and it won't bust thru.

I installed one of the new ones recently it ran fine.

the only thing I noticed is that the exhaust port and the piston do not line up at BDC, because you need to space the cylinder higher with an extra base gasket in order to keep the piston from hitting the head. (don't use the gaskets that came with the kit).

a little dremel work on the piston crown should make it line up better.

Re: the new run of parmakits

My kit came with an AV10 gasket set - so the base gasket is wrong anyway. What kind of paper are you guys using to make the bottom gasket?

Elliot - work the piston crown or take material off the head?

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