Morini Franco intake?

Helping a friend upgrade is Pacer a bit... does anyone know if one of the stores or someone out there makes intakes for a reed valve Morini Franco..

there is the eventual option of fabricating one but just wanted to see if there are any other options..

it's nonkitted and case induced.. looking to fit a 15 or 16 PHBG or SHA on there.. let me know if you have any advice.. thanks

Re: Morini Franco intake?

You mean like this..

Shoot me a email..


Re: Morini Franco intake?

Clayton Bigsby /

bringing up this post from the dead.

looking for this Ed. that one you had on ebay would have had to been mounted upside down on the 101. let me know if any of you have one or want to make me one.

Re: Morini Franco intake?

sorry, I say you'll have to get one custom made most likely.

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