First upgrade

I was wondering what would be a good first (easy) upgrade for a Puch Maxi 1HP? i have about $150 to spend.

I don't want anything crazy, just alittle speed boost...

Thanks guys

Re: First upgrade

Buy a boss exhaust ($60), a 16t front sprocket ($20), and find a 14 bing and intake from one of the members on here (score a few jets for $2.75 each). That will make you happier. If you can scratch up a little more, get the 50cc kstar kit ($70).

Re: First upgrade

get this: note: deck your head to run this one

if you want it right away, or wait for this if you can wait a week or so:

Drill out the pins in your stock exhaust, bore your carb and intake out to 15mm, port match with some files or a dremel if you have one, then rejet.

This will give you the most improvement over any other mod in that price range.

Usually, I say don't kit first, but if you have no knowledge of how cylinders should be ported and you have a 1hp cylinder with a 9mm steel plug in the intake, you might as well get the kit.

Re: First upgrade

Thanks guys.

What do you mean by 9mm plug in the intake? a restrictor?

I am kinda new to this, sorry.

Re: First upgrade

yup, there is a 9mm (maybe 8mm I forget) restrictor in the intake ports of most 1hp cylinders. To find out if yours has it, take off the intake and look at the cylinder. It should be very easy to see. The restrictor is made of hardened steel and is very hard to drill out. I've had some success pulling them out, but I wouldn't do it if I wasn't going to port the cylinder a little, because it'll probably mark up the port edges.

If you want to try pulling the restrictor and porting it, I can post up how I tend to pull the restrictors, and a 2hp high torque port map.

Re: First upgrade

Yes, that would be nice to just de-restrict the bike before i install anything on it. like i said i am not really sure what i want out of it. on one hand i want it stock but then again i want to keep up with 30MPH traffic safely.

A guide would be VERY useful!

Re: First upgrade

Tools/materials needed:

10mm socket

16mm or larger socket



m6 bolt that is long enough to go through the washer, socket, cylinder, and nut (in that order)

10mm nut for the m6 bolt

To start out, you have to take the intake, exhaust, and head off from the bike. Pull the cylinder off. Use the 10mm socket and ratchet for all of these.

The intake will be a hole in the cylinder that is 10mm by 10mm. You'll need a nut that will fit in that hole, but not go through the steel restrictor. I Ended up using a 10mm nut with 2 of the corners ground off. T

ake the m6 bolt and put the washer on the bolt, then put the large socket on the bolt with the open side of the socket facing away from the bolt head. Put the remaining bolt end through the intake restrictor from the outside, then thread the nut on from the inside of the cylinder.

Use the 10mm socket to draw the 10mm nut (and with it the restrictor) up towards the head of the bolt. You should be able to tighten the bolt enough to pull the restrictor free from the cylinder.

Sorry, I don't have any pics. If you can't understand me, I can make a cruddy paint drawing that might be able to help.

I'll post a 2hp port map tomorrow.

Re: First upgrade

Okay, thanks.

sounds pretty good, i will give it a shot.

I just noticed that you are from Rochester too!

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