Got my first pipe couple Q's....

So I have a few puch powered bikes with 14mm stock carbs and intakes. One cast iron head, one aluminum. Got a techno boss as my first pipe. The iron loves it, the aluminum hates it. So iron man/high torque she went. Rides nice. Very little low end loss. Four strokes just a bit under 1/4 throttle and pins the 30mph needle wound up after a few seconds. Doesn't 4 stroke at all topped out. Just a wee bit if I don't give enough throttle on take off, low speeds etc. Jetted mid sixties. Pretty much stock 2hp hi torque. Stock air filter with the little open non-dampered pipe. When I let off the gas it pops a bit from the exhaust but not jerking the bike or anything. Is this all good/to be expected? Does the setup sound about right? Gonna blow up my shitz in a hundred miles? Plug looks brown. No white ash. Sorry so long. Just wanted to give as much info as possible. Thanks all!


Re: Got my first pipe couple Q's....

Motobee Goode /

That poppy sound is normal for that pipe, you should be kool.

Re: Got my first pipe couple Q's....

Sounds like you're all set up and ready to blast.

And yeah, the popping is just un-burned fuel that burns in your exhaust. Gotta love that typical 2-stroke pop :P

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