tomos SHA intake? instead of encarwi

Crossvalley Tonysieze /

how would i do this????

is there an intake that will fit to make this possible and bypass having to put the carb in under the frame and between the engine?

or maybe a link to a previous post that shows this????


Re: tomos SHA intake? instead of encarwi

Since you said the "E" word (Encarwi) and you made a post in the repair forum about A3s (mine doesn't have a head gasket, BTW), I'm going to guess that you're talking about an A3, you have an Encarwi, and you're looking to swap it out with a Dellorto but you don't want to have to drop the engine/fight with the carb every time you want to change a jet.


"Part 1":

"Part 2":

Notes on part 1: I have never seen anyone else post about the same problem(s) I had. Never. In other words, don't let my problems dissuade you from taking that road, because I think my situation was abnormal (for whatever reason, I still haven't figured out).

Notes on part 2: This is probably not the best intake choice. If I were going to do it again (and I might) I'd try a full copper pipe intake, and I'd try to make it shorter or move the carb or do something just so that the intake wasn't so long. Also note that I had to invent a longer throttle cable when I made mine like that -- the Dellorto cable I bought wasn't long enough to put the carb there. Also, I don't know if I mentioned this in either of the other posts, but neither the Dellorto cable I had nor the cable I invented had a knarp at the throttle assembly end, so I had to glob some solder on there to make it work with the throttle assembly that came with my A3.

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