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I got my targa for the first time this year. I changed oil, tran fluid, spark plug etc. I fired it up and hit my pedal on curb on the way out. Is there somewhere I can get better pedals or the same ones?


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It takes 9/16 bicycle pedals, available pretty much anywhere bicycle parts are sold.

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Walmart $6.92

Re: Pedals


25 shipped to ya.


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haha dave.... i have those same red bear traps on my arrow.... the only thing is that they are very weak...... any hit taken distorts the original shape .... not to mention that they can be quite dangerous if not careful........

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Re: Pedals

yeah rufio, i had 15 stiches before i even left the bike shop ( i pulled the ped in, up 2 easy steps. was leaving and the bike rolled forward and the left one tore 2 chunks out of my leg. i rode to the hospital on the ped and had a cop see my leg as i was pulling out and give me a blue light run all the way there, since blood was falling off me in puddles. )

i have yet to bend them, but they are aluminum so i can see it happening. ive stood on these while riding and the shape is still fine

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