New idea for vespa case

Really I dont know if this should go in repair or performance because it could be used for both.

I recently opened up the intake window on my vespa case and wasn't paying as close attention as I should have been so I filed it close to the edges of the sealing surface. While trying to come up with a good idea on how ot fix this potential problem it dawned on me that I could possibly mill out the entire sealing surface and have a plug machined to fit.

Then it occured to me that if that was possible you could overbore the intake and fit a larger carb and passably by using shims on the outside of the case adjust the clearance between the sealing surface and the crank.

( I don't know how the crank to case clearances vary engine to engine but if it's like my intake hole being way off center this could help a lot with blow back.)

really for me atm this is just a pipe dream because i have no experience with CAD or machining. But i thought it was a interesting idea that is maybe worth persuing by people with the skills to make it work.

I hope i wasn't too vague or confusing on trying to convey my idea.

If this idea takes off and makes a million dollars I want a cut. LOL

Re: New idea for vespa case

yeah, I'm not sure this is going to work seeing as you need a really good seal. the crank and the intake are matched perfectly. I imagine that trying to recreate that seal will be very hard.

Re: New idea for vespa case

also the crank face is no wider than the old intake, so unless you're adding reeds, you can't go any wider.

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