77 newport 1hp.

DAM' Fairchild /

what mods can be done to this engine? says its a 1 hp and got a bing carb on it. whats the name of a 77 newport 1hp engine ?

Re: 77 newport 1hp.

Probably an e50, not za50. You need to do some searching before asking vague questions like that. It's arguably the easiest motor to find proformance parts for. Search.

Re: 77 newport 1hp.

"this":https://www.1977mopeds.com/product/1078/Puch-E50-Engine-Build/ would most likely be your best bet if you have to ask what can be done to your engine.

Re: 77 newport 1hp.

Well, there are lots of ideas here and they don't all involve messing with your engine.

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