puch hydraulic forks review

how do you like your new puch forks?

im thinking of trying them


Re: puch hydraulic forks review

I have the tomos hydraulic EBR's, but they don't feel like they're filled with oil. maybe i need to fill them, or they come empty?

uh, i don't even know how to fill them.

they still look sweet and feel great, but not as good as they did when they were brand new.

Re: puch hydraulic forks review

sick sick sick sick sick. Installed them on my hobbit last week. Havent ridden with them yet, but they feel incredible. Jimmy was running them on his race bike when he got a first and second at the polini cup.

Re: puch hydraulic forks review

nickj of quarterkick seems to think they're overrated... but you should ask him.

Re: puch hydraulic forks review

Brand I eat a treat /

this that the guy that took a hacksaw to them or chad lol?

Re: puch hydraulic forks review

That was Chad and Brendan. Lesson learned: Don't hack away at forks!

They look really solid but I can't give you any first hand opinions.

Re: puch hydraulic forks review

I'm sure you can just ask your local motoshop how to check the oil in em. I would hope they wouldn't bottom out like the $100 ebrs. At least, mine bottom out it seems.

Re: puch hydraulic forks review

It looks from the photo that the break plate tab is on the right side fork instead of the normal left. Is it?

Re: puch hydraulic forks review

I just put them on my Moby 7. They're pretty rad.

Re: puch hydraulic forks review

yeah i hacked them up. the tomos hydraulic forks matt has, if it's the version the axle slides through the bottom of the forks, isn't really hydraulic. they aren't filled with oil. i saw how nate bandit hacked the top off of his tomos forks to shorten them so i did the same without realizing oil went all the way up to the top, oil went everywhere, shit exploded. basically now i have to internally rethread the fork tubes and cut the springs and cap the tops.

but yeah i have another set i never hacked, and they're tits. heavy as shit, but it's because they're full of oil. very very smooth, and there's a tab for disc brake or lelu drum brakes. le sick.

i took the triple tree from a peugeot set and paired it with fork legs off the maxi version and viola: hydraulic motobecane forks. i then paired the puch triple tree with the 27 inch peugeot forks and wham: magnum hydraulic forks.

they're rad as shit.

Re: puch hydraulic forks review

oh and if it bothers you that the tab is on the left, just swap the legs a the tree.

Re: puch hydraulic forks review

so, uh, i paid $200 for 'hydraulic' forks that aren't really hydraulic?

time to fill these with oil and see what happens.

Re: puch hydraulic forks review

the black forks benji has are hydraulic. if they're true hydraulic, then you shouldn't be able to just pop out the cap at the top, it should be threaded waaayyy in.

you kind of cant just add oil to any forks and make them hydraulic, the principle is the when the forks are compressed, oil in the forks is forced through tiny holes, which dampens the travel of the fork legs. that's why hydraulic forks are really smooth. Actually adding oil to non hydraulic forks might not work, because there's no holes for the oil to pass through, they legs wont compress because liquids don't compress. then again that's only with a completely sealed fork.

fuckit try and see what happens.

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