magnum carb problems

This is the first bike I've had anything other than a stock carb on. I snagged a 19mm delorto from treats a while back, and it's all mounted up now. 50cc athena, malossi reed intake. It's got spark, and seems to have pretty good compression, but it still wont fire up. So I'm thinking maybe something is up with the carb. I also picked up a bunch of jets from Handy Bikes to mess around with. Anyone with a similar setup suggest a jet size?

Re: magnum carb problems

have you tried starting it with the choke on?

you will also more than likely need a much smaller idle jet than what comes stock on a 19 Dellorto with a 50cc setup.

Re: magnum carb problems

ive got a little pully choke guy on order from treats. gotta have that dude. i'll have to look for some idle jets. i have main jets from 70-86ish i think.

Re: magnum carb problems

you probably need your choke on to start it.

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