why do varplus weights suck so bad?

they wear out basically instantaneously, and always get stuck.

anyone ever milled their own weights out of aluminum or anything? i think im going to need to go this route. it functions so perfectly when functioning perfectly - but thats only like 50% of the time, because the fucking weights are always getting stuck. and even if they arent getting stuck, they wear down incredibly quickly.

what, exactly, is the cause of the sticking? are they too small for the ramps, so they run crooked and get wedged in?

this is really, really annoying.

Re: why do varplus weights suck so bad?

I am getting ready to install mine. so I hope you find the answer.

Re: why do varplus weights suck so bad?

i think the answer is they are made out of crappy plastic and very poorly cast. my friend is going to mill some aluminum weights. hopefully this will cure this incredibly annoying phenomenon

but im curious to hear if anyone has actually avoided this extreme annoyingness.

Re: why do varplus weights suck so bad?

I wanted to mill out some weights till I broke the shit out of my stock variator.

Once I sanded down the sides of the weights they no longer got stuck as often all the way out.

Re: why do varplus weights suck so bad?

mine rarely get stuck all the way out. they usually get stuck closer toward the ide position, or maybe up toward the middle a bit. the difference with just one weight stuck is huge. all functioning and you can feel the awesome kick when powerband hits. one stuck: slow increase in speed from super bog onwards.

Re: why do varplus weights suck so bad?

Some of the weights were a little wider than the others. I found that you had to have them at a max of 14.3mm to slide nicely, Some of them were far larger than that. Shave them down and you won't have problems for at least a couple thousand miles. With the plate off the bike see if the stick in the slots before you even put it together.

Re: why do varplus weights suck so bad?

yeah, i was careful to flatten them on each side so they rolled in and out of he slots before i even installed. before i did that, at least half of them got seriously stuck without any actual rotation of the plate.

why go through the exercise of manufacturing something if youre just going to make such an important component so crappily?

Re: why do varplus weights suck so bad?

Frostback Ditch /

I did the same as Jay, as soon as I realized some didn't roll smoothly in the variator I simply sanded the sides down slightly, re-checked, until it was all running smooth.

Re: why do varplus weights suck so bad?

i had this very same problem, never had time to rectify it... although i did figure sanding the weights down more would do the trick.

my variator would get stuck in its midrange, similar to you i think jay. i thought it was mounting complications with my G3 causing difficulty to variate.... id accelerate pretty hard until about 20mph, then id just hit a wall... if i went down a hill to get my rpms out of it, the weights would unstick and continue to roll out. sometimes theyd stick on the way back down too.

i wish i took pictures, but when i took my varplus off to inspect it there were two rings of rubber where the belt would rub off when it got stuck in place. the areas that were rubber-free were obviously the parts where the variator was operating properly. not good for anything, i dont imagine.

Re: why do varplus weights suck so bad?

Once I got the engine spacing issues figured out my varplus has been 100% reliable and trouble free. I have done a lot of miles in the last 3 months without a hitch.

I have been using a soft thin belt and frequent squirts of spectro sx chain wax and it has been reliable and showing no signs of any wear.

I have tried a few different belts and it seems the cheaper thinner belts are the smoothest and easiest on the varplus.

Re: why do varplus weights suck so bad?

So I was looking at mine the other day. I haven't put it on. I'm waiting for a puller. but anyways the heavy weights seem to move fine. but the lighter weights you almost have to jam in! so I guess they will need some sanding.

Re: why do varplus weights suck so bad?

Paul, Why do you use the chain wax. doesn't it make the belt slip?

Re: why do varplus weights suck so bad?

you let it dry then wipe it off of the belt area. I also lube up the plastic lugs.

The point of the chain wax is that it stays put once it dries.

I think the issue everyone is having is the varplus is cocking off a little and sticking on the center shaft and the plastic lugs.

Lubrication prevents wear...

Re: why do varplus weights suck so bad?

sand down the sides a bit and put a dab of motul in there so often and they will work like a charm.

my variplus is about 2 years old now, busted as fuck and still running strong cuz i keeps them oiled up, a just a dab will do ya.

Re: why do varplus weights suck so bad?

sand to fit, and keep it greasey. makes sense to me.

Re: why do varplus weights suck so bad?

Mine is about a year and a half old and doesn't jam any more. It a combination of alignment and how everything is fit together.

Every mm counts....look at how much the variator has to open in order for the belt to raise all the way up to full variation. If your inner cheek is not tightened, it sometimes has to open more than it should. I hope that makes sense.....

Re: why do varplus weights suck so bad?

I have been fighting with my weights getting stuck in the fully variated position after hitting top rpm. I pulled everything apart yesterday and found the weight that was sticking was worn flat. I re-assembled with all heavy weights and used dry style bike chain lube on all the sliding parts. Lets hope for success. I am going to lathe some out of aluminum if this doesn't solve the problem.

I have a hunch that the heavier weights work better, and deform less.

For the record I am trying 3 heavy weights, we will see how it performs.

Re: why do varplus weights suck so bad?

i think its self explanitory that the mid and light weights are going to deform most... being hollow in the center doesnt help.

jules if you are successful with getting some aluminum rollers to work, if you make a few sets im sure people (including myself) would want to get their hands on some.

Re: why do varplus weights suck so bad?

Wouldnt aluminum be too heavy though?

Re: why do varplus weights suck so bad?

not if you throw it on a lathe and hollow them out until theyre the exact same size and weight as the originals. my friend brandon has each of the original size weights and is working on this now. will report back results.

Re: why do varplus weights suck so bad?

Use a program like solidworks to make a 3-D model that has specs to show exact weight and follow blueprints.

It gives data such as displacement, CG, weight.

Just pick the right mat'l.

Basically make it in 3-D until it comes out the weight you ned and make that.

Hell, make a whole replica set of all six types of weights.

Re: why do varplus weights suck so bad?

if you know the density of the aluminum you decide to work with you wouldnt even need a computer program. you could crank out the math longhand in just a few minutes to give you the dimensions of a roller that will have the weight you want.

id be worried about coming out to something where the ID is like 75% of the OD, then you just have a really weak cylindrical shell (like the stock rollers), that are going to deform as well.

Re: why do varplus weights suck so bad?

If the aluminum is too weak, make em out of titanium. Roughly the density of aluminum but the strength of steal. So cheap and fun to machine, too. ;)

Re: why do varplus weights suck so bad?

well i dont have the specs for the diameters of these things, but using a density of aluminum = 2.7 g/cm3, length of 1.43 cm (as suggested by jesse), and the weight specs in the wiki...

i found the relationships between radii of the inner and outer holes to be


ro-ri = .4481 cm


ro-ri = .4064 cm


ro-ri = .3619 cm

i dunno i think thats right.


Re: why do varplus weights suck so bad?

when taking apart the varplus the other night i noticed that groove has worn into the cheek from the belt. thats real annoying too. ive been using a malossi toothed belt. not cool.

Re: why do varplus weights suck so bad?

right... caused by the rollers sticking and the belt riding too long in one place?

Re: why do varplus weights suck so bad?

If anybody wants to make their own weights here is the data:

OD= 13.5 mm

L= 14.3 mm

Weigh= 1,8gr. / 2,1gr. / 2,6gr

Re: why do varplus weights suck so bad?

my varioplus is so worn out in some spots it "shifts" it has 3 separate ranges of operation, I actually kinda like it cuz it will hold off the top gear till the motor is really making alot of power then bam shifts up into top gear.

I know it sounds like if it were not "shifting" it would function even better but on gradual hills it keeps the bike in a lower gear longer.

it also feels cool when it shifts up and down.

honestly for how inexpensive the unit is if urs is really on its last legs u might as well just buy another one.

I'm running 4 mid weights on it and they have a bit of flat spotting but its nothing major, like i said a bit of 2 stroke oil in there when ur gassing up every now and then and its will run like a champ.

I think rather than try and make stronger weights make sliders instead of weights, or get one malossi make sliders for most or all of their roller variators. these are supposed to work alot better and not jam up. lots of scooter dudes sear by them.

Re: why do varplus weights suck so bad?

I looked into that as well, Elliot.

The smallest diameter on scooter weights/sliders are 14mm with a length of 17mm. I guess you can trim the length, but I am worried about the diameter too large,that it squeezes the belt and it will affect the take off.

Re: why do varplus weights suck so bad?

i think i can pretty much confirm that slightly less than 14.3mm is the perfect siz for the rollers. i took mine out, and none of them were under that size, while a couple were at 14.6, which is enough for them to roll, but probably not when theyre warmed up.

bike rips now. normall after i clean up the weights, its great for about 5 minutes until they all start getting stuck again. i just rode for about a half hour with no letting up. it was a lot of fun.

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