kit break in

what would be a good way to break in a 70cc arisal kit with a ninja g3 on a moby

i have know clue and have looked through the wiki and could find nothing.

whats a good jet to use?

Re: kit break in

What carb do you have?

Re: kit break in

I believe that soft seizing a kit is the best way to break in a kit. That way the piston wears itself into the cylinder, but it does it REALLY QUICKLY! The sound of a soft seize is really cool too. It sounds like your bike is screaming in agony. Fun fun.

HEY... we have the same name. HEARTs!

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i have a del sha 16.16

really soft seize? wouldn't that ruin the cylinder a bit?

and hell yeah travis power activate! <3

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I heard a rumor that supposedly originated from a hailed reliable source that five minutes of idle, then shut it down till it's totally cooled. Then go blast. It's written around here somewhere.

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But I'm pretty sure I'm missing maybe a detail like let it idle for five minutes the second time then go blast. ?? Scope the performance search.

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well what do you do the first time? im about to go through the same breakin with an alukit.

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i heat cycle it..let it warm up mabe rev it a little to vary rpm no way near full throttle. let it cool then repeat, i do this with a rich ratio. about 4 or five times letting it heat all the way up then cool down. this lets the parts expand and contract together with out loading them up...ive read this some where before for small 2 cycle can be a pain because you want to ride it and some times i get it to rich and she don want to idle.

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Motobee Goode /

A wise man once told me: "put in a huge jet, start it, let it idle for five minutes, and then kill it. Once the bike has cooled fully, restart it, and drive it like you stole it."

[I think the general idea is that the "danger zone" is right away, and that it is hard to seize a new kit unless you are jetted on the lean side. So do some plug chops, get it richer than normal, and have long blasts though].

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Yeah my piston kept heating up and somewhat seizing for the break in period. Only happened a few times(like 15) but after it was broken in and I got to tuning it the damn thing just kept getting faster. The motor still has great compression so I don't know what to say about breaking it in. If I were you I would just read all the threads about people breaking in the kits and build threads.

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i like to heat cycle . get it hot then let it cool down all the way

idle til warm

1/4 throttle till hot

1/2 throttle "

3/4 throttle "

full throttle "

seems to have worked good on my 80cc kit. the cylinder bore looks nice and smooth after 1yr of blasting

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Re: kit break in

ok i think iv got a general idea on this now iv ordered jets 96-100 and im running it at 36:1. do you guys think i should run it a little richer or keep it that?

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way to many theories out there. some just don't do it, others spend a whole riding season going slow. don't think it matters much your rings will break in when they break in.

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Those jets sound rich. Have you looked at the tuning spreadsheet? Also, do a search for break-in, there have been some threads on this a year or two ago (chose all dates).

After the second heat cycle, don't just start blasting. The first gas tank, avoid WOT for more than a second or two, and always do this with a load (not coasting or downhill), somewhere in the mid-range of rpm. You want to get the cylinder/rings used to blasting but you need to do it gradually. Increase speeds and never putt around at one speed - variate all the time.

By the second tank do plug chops and let it wail.

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36:1... wtf is that..

40:1 ... use the good shit.. 5 bucks a bottle or more..

Cheap oil is no good for a kiitted engine.

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I wonder where everyone gets the idea of gentle riding, with no more than 2 seconds WOT and such.

There is no reason whatsoever to avoid WOT when breaking in. It's better to blast WOT and get your piston to the top of your kit than to keep the revs down and have a ridge building up. The only thing you should avoid during the first 50-100 miles or so are these:

Riding with a passenger / heavy load. (Makes the engine lazy)

Riding with steady RPMs (Vary the RPM!)

Riding too low RPMs (Ridged cylinder anyone?)

Idling after blasting (It's better to coast to the lights and let the engine cool off in the wind than to get full on the brakes and have a boiling hot engine when you're standing still)

And don't panic over breaking a kit in. You will never seize a kit if you smooth out the ports and mount it properly. That is, if the kit is good. If it isn't good, you're seizing it anyway weather you ride slowly or fast.

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This how I break them in... On the stand and high rpms....

Then... take it in the yard... and make the engine pull your weight. Been doing it for a long time.

Btw, this is the first time the engine started...

Check out the vid... breakin

Re: kit break in


Re: kit break in

Run them hard.. why tease yourself.. Totally worthless..

Re: kit break in

My $100,000 of engineering education has told me that when a machine is new the moving parts do not fit together well. It needs a few hours of mild use to "break in" or wear together.

Violent use at first can lead to scuffing (torn surface imperfections) that will shorten the useful life of the machine.

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I am currently doing my breakin on my parma moby at 50:1 synthetic Sabre oil.

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i think usually by the time you have it jetted right and got rid of the airleaks, you're good to go. and just take it easy for a tank or so!! its like schijnheilig said it shouldn't seize if properly installed!! blasting on the stand is cool!! my neighbors love it!!

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On my hobbit I jetted rich, did four heat cycles (make sure to always vary the throttle and not go over 3/4). First ride (under load) until hot, not past 1/2 throttle and don't let it idle too much, let it cool down. Second ride, same as first but more throttle, 3/4. Then ride the hell out of it.

This a kind of a hybrid method I guess, I read some break in procedures there were long (300-500 miles) and others that were short (1-3 heat cycles) so this is kind of in between.

I have not had any seizing issues, I am still running the rich jet as up until today its been pretty cool here.

Re: kit break in

Its all about the oil for the mix.

Btw, I don't if you educated degrees.. shmeess..

Show me what you build... O I don't see you showing off your video so.....

Let me take the engine apart.. and you put it back to together... Since you like school. :)

Re: kit break in

yup.. I misstypeo fur yafool..ol

Re: kit break in

I was going to make a comment about how there are two external links to sites with break-in information in the Performance Tuning category in the wiki (under "kits"), but then I actually went and read those links, and they're not that great. Someone should make a break-in article for the wiki, or at least find a site that has break-in advice for two-strokes or something a little closer to a moped than a car.

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