Metra tuning questions.

The setup is as follows,

-Metra 65, e50 case matched

-21mm. phpg

-21mm intake

-motomatic n8p

-16x40 gearing

-215lb rider an a magnum

-malossi red filter

-2shoe w/blue springs

Just looking for some advice on jet sizes, needle stuff, idle jets, and clutch tuning. If you have something close to that setup I would appreciate the help to get the most out of this bike. Losing weight is not an option.

The bike idles and runs well but the low end sucks. Tops out on flats around 45ish. The jets and needle settings are whatever came in the carb. Thank you.

Re: Metra tuning questions.

your gonna have to open the carb up and give us the jet sizes for the main and the idle, they usually come with the same thing but not always.

thats a pretty big carb for that setup ( im running one too so thats not a slam) Just be patient and expect to have some work ahead of you, you cant just hum a big phbh on a motor like that and have it run perfect.

Check for air leaks

see what you have for jets

search the wiki and follow the tuning guide for that carb.

in most cases the idle/pilot jet that comes with the carb are too big for a little metra 65 (this is my experience)

you need to work through and find out if you have a low end bog due to a lean condition, or a rich one....

Also, maybe it me but my metras always run shitty before they are broken in and have no low end till the clutch wears in and its got some milage on it. Did you try advancing the timing/ retarding the timing? Are you running all those base gaskets?

welcome to tuning. Its way more then humming the carb on the bike lol

In the end you will be satisfied with your setup, its a great one, but dont think you aint gonna get real good at taking that goddamn float bowl off and the raising and lowering needles

Re: Metra tuning questions.

I would just throw it away....or.....make a donation to me.

Re: Metra tuning questions.

n8p is a big pip turn the 2 shoe in all the way and than a 1/4 out. put the stater at full and points at 18 to 23 and i only run 1 pase gaskit

Re: Metra tuning questions.

tuna sled /

No, just work as hard as I do....yeahhh

Re: Metra tuning questions.

if you still go to kendall, we should meet up or something. i'll help you tune that shit

Re: Metra tuning questions.

cute. sounds like a date :)

Re: Metra tuning questions.

Peter.. you can tune my ped anyday! haha

I live in GR aswell

Re: Metra tuning questions.

tuna sled /

I'm still at kendall, but i live in k-zoo. That would be badass though, I'll send an e-mail when all of the school time stress is over.

Re: Metra tuning questions.

82 main jet

Use all base gaskets

turn your clutch shoes in hella

Make sure you have a throttle assembly that will open your carb up to the full 21mm

Pull your throttle and look inside. You should see the perfect circle of your intake.

I have this exact set up.

Check out the tuning spreadsheet.

Re: Metra tuning questions.

tuna sled /

What do you have for needle and idle settings.

Re: Metra tuning questions.

check out the spreadsheet, mike is probably on there.

Re: Metra tuning questions.

tuna sled /

Yeah, i looked, it says n/a. I might as well just experiment.

Re: Metra tuning questions.

remember it will run funky during break in, and better once broken in. Your compression ratio goes all over the place till it breaks in.

Its lazy but i just run the damned things rich and just bog em around for 60 miles or so then they simmer down and settle in.

Re: Metra tuning questions.

run it lean and hard.

Cut up your clutch and do some serious blasting.

that pipe will take you into nutzo rpms.

Re: Metra tuning questions.

Yo topic ,but..... Jesse told me your story about the Corvette douche last week, made me laugh my ass off!!!! I hope you get that thing screaming. Give me a ring if you want to cruise this week.

Re: Metra tuning questions.

tuna sled /

Yeah, Thursday is always a good day for me. I feel a little more confident not blowing it up now.

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