Air Box Mod?

Instead of buying this:

What if I just emptied the factory box and put some panty-hose over the carb's intake? I know that people use panty-hose as a filter, but would the air box in addition cancel out, or no?

Re: Air Box Mod?

Sorry, click this attachment.


Re: Air Box Mod?

That still probably has the same type of air filter element. The box is only high flow. Just drill some holes in the airbox that you already have and see what happens. You'll need to upjet.

Re: Air Box Mod?

The previous owner forgot to put the filter element back in the box, and never up-jetted. So my box is empty; I figured try panty-hose.

Re: Air Box Mod?

That should work, or a piece of screen. I modded this airbox on my Grande. I drilled 6, 1/4 inch holes in mine and ran a 68 main jet I think with a a proma circuit pipe...

Re: Air Box Mod?

Do you use just one piece of panty-hose, or is that not enough protection?

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